Customized, timely & secure packaging for the agricultural and industrial chemical industries.

Our state of the art packaging facility is located in Regina, Saskatchewan. This location is perfectly situated to service the Western Canadian Agriculture market.

Our indoor 11 car rail packaging faciliy is known for safely and accurately handling a variety of chemistry types.

We specialize in packaging services for the agricultural and chemical industries. Each job is customized to your requirements. We can handle packaging sizes from 2L to to large IBC containers.

Our comprehensive staff training program ensures that our employees are handling products in accordance to our clients specifications.

  • Indoor, heated packaging area that accommodates up to 11 rail cars
  • An outdoor rail spur that accommodates up to 6 rail cars
  • F1 rated packaging facility
  • Rail car steam heating capabilities
  • Bulk liquid packaging
  • Carton erector and sealing equipment
  • Capping
  • Palletization
  • Small bottle filling
  • Labelling
  • Bulk liquid rail to truck trans-loading capabilities
  • Rail to tank trans-loading
  • Bulk liquid shuttle and tote filling
  • Dedicated equipment
  • Indoor tank storage
  • Complete container collection program and reconditioning service